John Tejada ‘Unstable Condition’

John Tejada / Unstable Condition

Vinyl / Digital

Kompakt / Released May 9th 2011


What does it sound like?

He’s back. One of the greatest producers in modern day American dance music returns, this time as a debutant on one of the best labels in the world ahead of his forthcoming album on said imprint. And a right treat it is too.

With the usual prowess we’re introduced to our A-side; a classic tech builder if ever there was one. Acid levels are high when a bass that threatens to have people ducking down to dangerously low levels drops. Similar to Tejada’s work with Arian Leviste, wherein baritones spread, here we’re soon soaked in matching melody, which doesn’t feel like it’s about to become a hoover as the shimmering effects and rain-drop keys carry though. But it does, and that’s what makes this spacey house mastermind so special, as he gets a little rough with us before settling back down.

That’s not all we’re given, either. In the same way Tropical is deceptively sparse, although this time there’s a distinctly wetter flavour to the accents, meanwhile chimed harmonies ensure it’s warm enough to fit the title. In contrast to both, The Living Night is a largely electric-piano led groover that grows from what could almost be the opening to something far more ambient, before a stepping beat arrives just in time to move your feet.

Where would I dance to it?

It’s all about intimacy with this one, or at least that’s how we see things.

What hightlights can I expect to hear?

Unstable Condition is the most complex, and probably wins out in the interesting stakes too, rightly sealing the deal as lead track. Fans of SCSI-9 and other such blissful, though wholly modern styles might just want to earmark The Living Night though, which does that job very well indeed.

Why should I pay for it?

Vinyl or digital, get your cash out to get the quality in.

Where can I buy it?

Boomkat, Juno, Chemical Records