Mixmags greatest DJ of all time

Mixmag reveal greatest DJ.

You may have seen this news being banded across Facebook and twitter this morning, Mixmag have revealed the results of their lengthy poll to discover the greatest DJ of all time. The poll offered a shortlist of 35 of the most influential DJ’s to have ever graced a set of 1210’s, and the voting page featured some in-depth features on what made each of these artists so influential.

Well now the votes are in – and seeing as the Mixmag website is buckling under the strain of traffic we thought we’d pop them up here. You can also see the results over on:


So the top 10 in reverse order are:

10. 2 Many DJ’s

9. Tony De Vit

8. Sasha

7. Paul Van Dyke

6. Ricardo Villalobos

5. Carl Cox

4. Andy C

3. Sven Vath

2. Richie Hawtin

1. Tiesto.

The full feature features in this month’s Mixmag on sale now.