Todd Terry, Marshall Jefferson, Mike Pickering and Bobby Langley bring Haçienda 30 to KOKO…

Haçienda 30

Saturday December 15th



1a Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE

The Haçienda comes to London for Haçienda 30 – an explosive anniversary party featuring some of the greatest pioneers in house music – Todd Terry, Marshall Jefferson and Mike Pickering

This year The Haçienda celebrates 30 stunning years, and to mark the release of a special 30th anniversary compilation album. Coming to KOKO on Saturday December 15th this party is set to have London dancing like it hasn’t since the last official Haçienda party came to town in 1992.

Haçienda 30 at KOKO will be unforgettable, celebrating a leading light in the history of dance music – and one of the most notorious clubs the scene has ever known – as it turns 30 years old. Enlisting the talent of DJs who were there when it all began, back when people gave up their jobs to party with the DJs they loved and to the music that set them free, Haçienda 30 takes us back to the beginning of house music in the UK.

Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Todd Terry has been cultivating the underground and breaking boundaries since the late 1980s. As one of the world’s most celebrated names in dance music, Todd Terry brings infectious blend of big house, old school synths, disco, thumping drum beats and bassline loops to KOKO for one night only.

Widely regarded as one of the leading innovators of Chicago house music, Marshall Jefferson takes to the turntables for this truly momentous occasion. Best known for inventing that squelchy acid house sound, he also conquered deep house, releasing the first track to ever use piano. He comes to KOKO ready to take revellers on a journey through the last 30 years of dance music.

The Haçienda’s former booker, renowned DJ and industry insider Mike Pickering was there at the start. His name and sound represented part of The Haçienda’s identity. Experience the charisma they witnessed from the DJ booth, as Mike Pickering selects a very special – and rare – set worthy of this 30th anniversary. Another Haçienda legend, Bobby Langley played a key part in the club’s history, and was in the thick of it in the glory days when the club’s popularity saw it full to the brim week on week. He’ll have KOKO moving to every change, pulse and rhythm in his set.

Having opened in Manchester in 1982, The Haçienda quickly became one the most famous and respected clubs in the world – hosting many huge names, and helping to launch the careers of countless others. Considered a super-club even before the dawn of club culture, and way ahead of its time, The Haçienda was a place for people to really escape, let go and have a good time, and became a musical hub – an institution in its own right. It gave the budding scene an identity, a soul and a home of its own and few. As the dance scene spread outwards to other clubs, warehouse parties and raves throughout the UK and Europe, The Haçienda’s influence was undeniable. It became the epicentre of a dynamic music scene, and, despite its closure in 1997 that energy still lives on.

The Haçienda’s history is celebrated this year, with the release of ‘Haçienda 30’ – a three-CD compilation mixed by club residents Graeme Park and Mike Pickering, plus owner and former New Order and Joy Division man Peter Hook – and the announcement of three unmissable dates around the UK. Haçienda 30 marks a return to the capital after a 20-year absence for a huge show at KOKO, as part of a prestigious three-date tour. Haçienda 30 hits Mint Warehouse in Leeds on November 10th, with Frankie Knuckles, Graeme Park, Allister Whitehead and more, and the Sankeys in Manchester for the Haçienda 30 Christmas Party on December 27th.

Haçienda 30 re-visits those formative and expressive years of club culture, embracing the legacy of the club and bringing it bang up to date for today’s ravers. Haçienda 30 comes to KOKO on December 15th, bringing with it The Haçienda’s inimitable brand of musical hedonism and adventure.


£12.50 early bird / £15.50 advance / £17.50 late buyers