The Great YouTube Disco.

We’ve all been to after parties where it happens. Whatever mix you were listening too finishes and (normally the most hammered) attendees deem that they are lord and purveyor of YouTube. Cue, fights for the mouse, an infinite number of browser windows open and often several tracks playing at once. You know when it’s YouTube a clock everyone will have an opinion, and everyone will have that one track that we’ve all got to hear.

Well now the video-fight nightmare is over, with the rather cool new gadget-app- website:

The fuckin great YouTube disco.

The site allows you to search YouTube for your favourite vids and add them to a dropbox, you can load videos into the left and right channels and use the cross fader to go between the two smoothly and effortlessly (So no more multiple tunes playing and a race to see which window in offending). Not only that but it will offer you suggestions for other videos you may like based on your choices.  

Plain and simple actually think this will change our lives. Genius.

And if you’re looking for someting to test it out on then have a look at our list of the top 5 dance music videos of all time here