Simon Baker’s debut LP set for spring

It’s another one of those surprising stories. After releasing original work and remixes on benchmark labels like Playhouse, Rekids, Get Physical and Cocoon for around a decade, one of the most talked about producers from recent years will finally let people buy a full length collection of his work.

The album, Traces, will be here in March and should showcase the kind of sound that has become synonymous with Simon Baker, so think just left of the main room. 2020Vision is the lucky imprint to carry the release, which suggests there should be more than a little soul etched into the vinyl, CD or, if it’s at all possible to scratch MP3s, digital file when it does finally arrive. The full tracklisting is below, and more details will follow right here, and here.

Simon Baker – Traces
1. No Pressure
2. L Train
3. Blue Lights
4. Grey Area
5. Let Me In
6. Someone Like..
7. Dead Air
8. Traces
9. Think!
10. Reversal
11. Olek