Uner, Coyu and Edu Imbernon

In line with the release of Mi Casa Es Su Casa, a three-CD compilation of tracks and mixes by Spain’s hottest new producing talents Uner, Coyu and Edu Imbernon on the CR2 label, Plain & Simple spoke to the trio about their influences and their collaboration together…

“Where did it all start for each of you? How did you get into being DJ’s?

Edu: Well, my first contact with music was really early as my father played and still plays the piano at home. I started playing with the drums at the age of 10. One summer, at the age of 15 I went to Ibiza with my friends… at my first step into Amnesia I realized I wanted to be a DJ.

Coyu: I always liked to be involved in the music and the club scene. I started writing on forums and magazines, firstly as clubber, after as musical journalist. I had the chance to meet tons of artists and groups. It was a great experience. I started to play at clubs at the same time while I studied Political Science at University. Good times!

Uner: I really started in music when I was 4 years old, playing the piano. But when I was 8 or 9 years old I discovered Jean-Michel Jarre and I fell in love with the electronic music. I started to listen to all kinds of electronic music and then, analog sound started to run into my veins. I started producing music very young, at the age of 15.  Experimental sounds. At the same age I started to play my live sets, with some synths, samplers, etc. A true live act! Around 17 I signed my first stuff: Techno and electronic pop. Since that moment my music and my live has been changing until now. But normally focused around house and tech house.

What are your main influences on your music? Is it other music, other DJ’s or particular locations perhaps?

Edu: I listen to all type of music and I’ve learnt a lot from other DJs. Groups like The XX have influenced my music in the past year and I like to hear other styles to get inspiration. Bonobo, Cold Cut, Jonsi… there are many bands doing great music to get inspired. In regards to electronic music I learn a lot doing music with my friends, event from those who are not musicians… Everything and everyone can inspire my music somehow.

Coyu: There are too many influences. My early roots in dance music. Artists like 2 Unlimited, Snap or Technotronic. Then I started to listen to house music. Laurent Wolf or DJ Chus were my heroes when I was 16. But my main passion was always the techno music. Artists like Mika Vainio, Robert Hood, Plastikman or even Aphex Twin will be always on my hearth. I grow up listening them in Nitsa Club, a very eclectic club in Barcelona. I spent my first years as a clubber there.

Uner: I used to listen all kind of music when I was a child… My father always was listening music like pop, rock, electronic, jazz, etc and all this kind of music is still in my mind. This is the reason why I have some influences in my sound from lots of different music styles. And I have the best feelings for making music at my parents home. Really I have my studio there… It’s a quiet place with extraordinary senses.

How did the three of you come to join forces on the CR2 Live compilation?

Edu: At last year´s  winter music conference. Cr2 came to us with this idea and it sound great. Then we met in Ibiza on our party with them at Space for the final sign off.

Coyu: Cr2 offered to Uner and me to do the compilation at the last WMC, so we decided to do it with our buddy Edu. We are friends and we are always in touch even we life in three different cities.

Uner: The idea came in Miami, concretely at Winter Music Conference, where Ivan and I were playing together in a CR2 party. They proposed to us to make the compilation and we thought it would be good for all of us to do it. From there we started to work on the project. And the result is actually there! It’s a very special and very personal compilation and also a challenge for CR2, where something as “special” we had not yet done. Of course, we are really happy and we have to say thanks to CR2 to think of us to mix it.

What are each of your individual highlights from 2010?

Edu: The Remix for The XX of Crystalized has been a very special track for me. It has changed my music into a more full-feeling style. In terms of gigs, my residence over the summer at Kehakuma @ Space, which has been my first big contact with the island, has been something really special. Also my first appearance in big festivals, this was such a big feeling… something I dreamt about not that many years ago.

Coyu: 2009 was the year of the big surprises. The main things were quite new for me/us. Releasing stuff on amazing labels, playing in great clubs, people appreciating my/our work… 2010 was a continuation of that, but even bigger. It’s a huge pleasure to have the chance to do what I/we love…

Uner: I think my success in this year has been due to making my name ‘Uner’ as my own brand on the international scene, without linking it to any particular issue. Only related to my particular sound which everyone knows. That has enabled me to release tracks on the best labels in the world (Diynamic, Defected, Cr2, ToolRoom, Get Physical…), work together with DIY-Booking, one of the most important international companies in the underground scene and play at the best clubs such as Watergate, Matter, Space Ibiza or Warung … Challenges are to better my first year of ‘project-Uner’! And more to come in 2011!

What do you each have planned for 2011?

Edu: Im trying to dip into new styles, making my sets and productions more rich. I’m now working in the studio on some new tracks collaborating with other musicians. I’m also working on my live show, but it won’t be presented until I’m sure I’m presenting something very special. And of course my main goal for 2011 is keep rocking it wherever I get the opportunity!

Coyu: I’m sure 2011 will be a massive year too. We were nominated for the Spanish Dance Awards, 19 nominations between all of us. I’m very proud for that sign of gratitude from the Spanish scene. I had the luck to win two of them alongside Edu last year. Let’s see what happens this year. By the way, I’m waiting for the release date of a new track by myself and Edu, “I Really Need U“, with remixes from Acumen and Kruse n’ Nuernberg. I think it will be a good shoot. You also should pay attention to the new releases from my label Suara. The label is working very well and I’m sure 2011 will be the year of real confirmation as one label to watch.

Uner: We want to continue working as before, a new sound, evolve my style and develop as an artist with new works and very ambitious projects that are going to be happening over the first half of the year. Moreover, my label Paulatine and some new stuff on Diynamic, Cr2 and other big imprint labels in the music industry worldwide.

Where do you see the partnership between you all going in the future?

Edu: We all are growing together somehow and we will keep working together in many projects. It’s cool to achieve success with your friends and share moments like this. And it is fully enriching for me to work with them.

Coyu: Let’s see. I’m sure we will do more things together. First of them will be going with Edu and our girlfriends to the beach for a vacation in early 2011. We need it!

Uner: I think especially in a good relationship as friends. We get along very well between us, although we eventually end up shouting on the studio. Haha! I’m joking! We have a very cordial relationship and have fun together. Whatever happens that won’t change because human relationships are the most important … Where would we be if people stop being?

Are there any more albums or mixes in the pipeline? Any upcoming shows you are all playing like the CR2 takeover at Space on June 6th?

Edu: We are now planning this compilation tour, and its something really cool to see all of us in the booth!

Coyu: The experience of our set at Space will hopefully continue. That party was massive and loads of people are asking us to do more gigs together. We are different artists with a different point of view about music, but there is a new connection between us. I can’t say what, but it exists and works. Our managers are working on it, I will let you know where and when are our new dates as soon we get it. Stay tuned!

Uner: Yessss… But I can’t advance anything yet 🙂 but its a huge personal project and I’m really excited about it… in a few months I will let you know 🙂

If each of you could work with another DJ, anyone in the world, who would it be and why?”

Edu: Probably Laurent Garnier… one of my idols. Gentlemen of music, a pure musician.

Coyu: For me, Moby. I’ve been a huge fan of his work since the techno and breakbeat days. Love it. He’s a superb producer and has a privileged mind.

Uner: I rate all the people that have something special to show. Personally I love the sounds of Solomun, Stimming, H.O.S.H., Ame, Oxia, Luciano, Dixon, Reboot, Aeroplane, Martyn, all the big old school artists like Sneak, ATFC, Dennis Ferrer, Carl Craig, and big names like Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Justice, The Field etc… this is why it’s difficult to choose only one name cause I have been listening yo a lot of music since I was a child and I have too many names in my mind! But like I said at first I would like to work with someone that has something special to show…

Thanks for chatting to Plain & Simple guys!