Rebecca Forrest


Truly immersed in the international clubbing scene from Miami to Dubai and from Ibiza to the UK, Rebecca Forrest can always be found in the heart of the action.

Developing lasting industry relations with highly respected fellow DJs and producers as she goes whilst delving deeper into the underground scene, Rebecca is emerging as a truly nu-skool clubbers DJ. Her understanding for what makes a dancefloor tick and ability to whip up genuine excitement from an eager crowd is resulting in ever increasing demand for her roof raising sets.

Beginning her journey into dance music as a passionate clubber and weekly host at the ever busy Gallery club in West Sussex, and also promoting her own night Peculiar Fruit also in West Sussex and London. Rebecca got her first gig here in the UK at the age of 26, and just 2 years later now holds a residency at Matter for Promoters Gloss and Perverted Audio in the UK and regularly plays in other clubs across the UK, and internationally.

Musically, Rebecca Forrest is one dark duchess that packs a punch with her love of bass driven Tech House, devastating Electro House and twisted Techno.

Having played at the Base Bar in Ibiza last season and been chosen to perform at Alpha, and the Ampidome in Dubai with the BeatThiefs, the hard working femme fatale took her musical direction into the studio with them and co-produced “Air Con”. “A seriously twisted techno bomb that’s turned heads for me every time I have dropped it.” – Mark Starr. More production is on its way, which promises to be an original slice of nu-skool dancefloor direction.

Rebecca has gained respect amongst fellow DJs and clubbers not only from her adaptive ability to deliver impeccable sets no matter what time of night or genre of dance but also by keeping her own musical style throughout. So much passion for credible underground dance music keeps her musically at the forefront of the scene.

Unafraid to talk tech with a-list DJ’s has it’s rewards too, particularly when you get asked to play the after party for the legendary High Tide party in Southampton, UK.

Says best Breakthrough DJ Anil Chawla “Few female DJs generate the crowd connection Rebecca Forrest does, she consistently kicks out some killer tunes and quickly gets the dancefloor hooked, one to watch”.

Says Tony & Henry AKA The BeatThiefs “Rebecca Forrest personifies passion in house music, her open minded attitude to its wide genre has already aided in her proving herself on the circuit as a competent and dynamic DJ. We have also worked alongside Rebecca in the studio co-writing her first release AIRCON, which has been supported by A-list DJ’s globally. Definitely one to watch!”

Says Simon Hart of Pioneer Pro DJ Europe “After meeting Rebecca at Miami WMC, she has been a valuable asset for future product development giving us a fresh perspective on how to make improvements and definitely earning her new headphones!”