An Interview with Lee M Kelsall

Born in the UK but now residing in Australia, Lee M Kelsall belies the gritty urban landscapes he grew up around by spinning and producing a creamy blend of House, Disco and Funk for labels such as Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ Hot Waves and Louie Fresco’s MEXA Records. Here he returns with a new track, ‘Transitions’, on Lucid Dreaming, backed with plenty of fiery remixes and already gaining early support from Veteran Artists such as DJ T to rising stars in the industry – Alexis Raphael, Amine Edge, Louie Fresco and the Climbers

The original is slow burning house groove with plenty of dazzling disco synths, lazy claps and poolside sunshine vibes. An icy female vocal from Maria Luisa* floats up top as the male delivers a reflective monologue amidst nice warm chords. It’s a feel good house track that really makes you dance.

Lucid Dreaming drafted in a top class of up and coming producers for Remix Duties including Hot Creations B.U.B.B.A who turns in two mixes – one for the head and one for the floor that do exactly as they say on the tin, variously tripping out amongst the stars and getting sweaty on a crowded dancefloor

We grabbed 5 minutes with the rising star to see what makes him tick.

How did you get into Production?

It happened by accident.. I heard a track and automatically thought I’d love to chop up a vocal and add some bass behind it. I had the idea but didn’t have a clue where to start however a friend I met at Uni owned a music studio so I sat in with him and he showed me the ropes …. I’m still learning and think I forever will be but I enjoy it and I love how I can go in the studio and whatever mood I’m in that day is the music I produce so French, Deep, Disco and Garage is what I’ve created so far

And how long till you started sending stuff out?

Erm… I never actually sent my first track out. My friend Miguel Campbell came over to my Apartment for a BBQ one Summer day and I played him what I had produced and he said he wanted to sign it to his Outcross Records Label, however with me moving to Australia and him getting signed to Hot Creations we never went through with it.

How did the Hot Waves hook-up come about?

Well I was heading back to the UK for a few months and I had a track that I’d made in 2010 that needed updating. I sent it a good friend Matt who remixed it and brought it up to date, then I sent the track to Lee Foss by email and within the hour it was signed to Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ Hot Waves Label!

How has your year been so far?

It’s been a great year so far I’m still pinching myself .. At the beginning of the year I was contacted by Nervous Records (NYC) who asked if they could take me under their wing and manage me, now in my opinion they are one of the most iconic house music labels the world has seen over the last 25yrs so this was an amazing opportunity to be offered.

From this obviously came a booking agent (Kumasi Music, London) which in tow allowed me to play music around the world including an Australian Tour, Dubai, Sonar Festival (Barcelona), Ibiza, Hideout Festival (Croatia), Amsterdam, Rotterdam and a MEXA Records Showcase Tour of the UK.

In terms of labels .. I’m now signed to Louie Fresco (No.19) & Climbers (Culprit LA) label MEXA Records, Nervous Records (NYC) and Lucid Dreaming (Australia) so I have got plenty of new material coming out in the next few months

What have been the highs and lows?

Highs: What I’ve just mentioned above plus having the likes of DJ T personally message me saying he is liking what I am doing etc is a big achievement for myself.
Lows: No lows … I’m always high as a kite!

And what’s been influencing your music taste most?

I’m really into 90s House and 80s Funk ….. So this shows in my work, My MEXA Release broke the boundaries when I produced a Soulful House track as a follow up to the Hot Waves release. My new stuff includes, 90s MK sounds, early 90s stripped back House Music and sprinkles of Garage too.

What else you got coming up?

Transition is my latest release on Lucid Dreaming (Australia) with remixes from BUBBA (Hot Creations), Clinton Houlker (Lower East) and Ali Scott (Love Not Money), following that is my Nervous Release in Aug which has been causing a storm on the dancefloor watching a 1000 people bounce to it at Hideout Festival was an amazing feeling.

I’m also working on a collab with a well know french house producer who has been in the game for years … We are working on a Funk EP – I’m not one to stick to just one genre and why should an artist?
In terms of Gigs I’m playing a few cool places, a festival in Bali, NYD in Sydney and then onto BPM Festival, Mexico.

What do you like to do outside of music?

I like to cook…. A few years ago when I lived at Uni with my housemate Morley Dave I was terrible but I am getting better and it makes me happy so if there are any ladies reading this feel free to get in contact and you can come over to my apartment on the beach in sydney and ill make you an amazing BBQ – Homemade Sauces, Bread – The Lot !!!

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