Munk ‘Mondo Vagabondo’

Munk / ‘Mondo Vagabondo’

Vinyl / MP3

Gomma Records / Released October 18th 2010

He plays pianos, keys, bass, guitar, drums, xylophones, drum machines and sequencers. A truly ambidextrous musician, there’s nearly as many facets to the latest EP from the world’s least religious Munk as there are instruments at his disposal.

When we revealed the video to La Musica– taken from this release- it may have left people wondering what was so disco about such a chunky, four to the floor focused tune. After hearing it in the context of this five track disc, it’s not the most housey, nor is it the least disco influenced offering here.

El Capitano is arguably the piece that found the most inspiration in the illumination of a glitter-ball. More electronica than dance, and a song in the true sense, the deep, wide load bass guitar and stepping percussion make sure there’s enough of a Captain Comatose rhythm to keep even the most anti-commercial heads happy. What’s most impressive, though, is that the crossover appeal is such that it wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine this winding up on more discerning radio jocks’ playlists.

It’s symbolic of the release as a whole, wherein the rolling electro of We Don’t Care meets the very Glass Candy Violent Love head on, and manages to form some bizarre yet happy marriage. People say the age of disco-not-disco domination on the alternative club scene is coming to an end. With his first outing in two years, Mathias Modica has crafted a release as innovative as anything from the early experimental era of this often hit and miss sound, and proved such naysayers could well be wrong.