ID.L release debut single from Luke Gibson…


Luke Gibson – The Underground EP

Luke Gibson is a fast rising British producer who has released on labels like Disport and MidnightSocial. As a DJ he has played all over the country and infuses his music with myriad styles, as evidenced by this new EP The Underground.

His sound here on Morning Whispers is a lively fusion between deep house and tech with nimble basslines propping up his big production, polished metal pads and cute use of vocal sampling. It’s a fresh and contemporary house sound well produced that gives way to the quick paced, clipped infectiousness of Real Talk. With gliding hits, delicate hats and some nicely teased out synth basslines it’s a rich, warm, full-blooded track that demands you do a dance in its presence. Last but not least is the title track, a deeper more sexy and late night tune that glows like a candle in the dark. Warm jazzy chords, crisp garage leaning percussion and spritely kicks all add up to something engaging and original.