Review: ‘Piece of Shh…’ Diablo Riddim

‘Piece of Shh…’ / Diablo Riddim (Original/  Zomby Remix/  Hektagon Remix)
12” / Svetlana Records

Released August 30th 2010

Years after its meteoric rise you still can’t move for dubstep. Whether you want to be slapped in the face with a South London bass, or Martyn’s genre straddling metronomes appeal more this third outing from Belgrade’s finest bass label should satisfy both camps, while 8-bit ghetto king Zomby’s contribution broadens the appeal.

A 12” that boasts three strong options is a rare treat, though it must be said that the remixes steal the limelight here. Diablo Riddim’s original opts for sparse breakbeats carried by shaker hi-hats and a key change bass, before a head-ringing hook and drill-like melody enter the fray to keep things dirty and mechanical- like a piston covered in oil.

Full points for contrast goes to Zomby, who will surprise few but satisfy many with this analogue interpretation. Driven by a dubbed four-four kick that squelches its way through video=game keyboards before stepping back onto the half beat, you’ll struggle to find many time signatures that appear so disjointed, yet sound this addictive.

Finally it’s the turn of Hektagon to interpret, and borrow significantly from the original version and the submariner sounds of Modeselektor’s anthemic ‘Prototype’ remix, forsaking the dancefloor focused groove of the latter to fall in line with lights off, heads down depth of the former. That said, it’s not going to empty any dancefloors with its smash and grab percussion, making it perfect for fans of Kode 9, Surgeon and those moments when the genres of dance collide.