The Morning After The Night Before

The Morning After The Night Before – Shane Watcha / Bloody Mary

From those very simple haunted beginnings, the Zombie Soundsystem has evolved from an after-party filled with creatures of the dancing deep; to a Global brand hosting club nights at London’s coolest clubs – and now a music label that reflects a very personal & emotional Zombie sound.

The first production to release from the Zombie’s grasp is Shane Watcha’s rather aptly named ‘The Morning After The Night Before’. A deep percussive track for all those creatures of the night – laced with eerie trumpet stabs, striking live drums, and resonating flutes which echo the track into submission.

French-born Bloody Mary delivers a remix which screams of promise of the underground. This Berlin-based DJ/Producer expresses her love for all things minimal – with her own take on the track which echoes the morning after the night before…

House Music that you can feel, or perhaps even music to die for.

Vinyl release – 1st August 2010

SLAM / SOMA “very nice tribal beats!”

TIMO MAAS “morning after is very cool!”

RALPH LAWSON “nice deep antics”

BUSHWACKA! “really nice tunes…full support”

TONY HUMPHRIES “nice underground tracks that sound great!”

BROTHERS VIBE “sweet refresher – will play!”

ASHLEY BEADLE “really into this! good production & really atmospheric!”

DOC MARTIN “great track, will play for sure”

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