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Ron’s the man. And that’s not said lightly, for he’s often known as the character solely responsible for guiding many of us towards the light that is House Music. A true veteran of all things rhythmic from an early age, a young Ron drew inspiration from an array of genres – Rock, Soul, Gospel; before landing his big break fifteen years ago following a stalking session of Louis Vega at a then infant WMC. Louis promptly gave Ron his first task – writing the lyrics to Barbara Tucker’s ‘I Get Lifted’, and the rest is history.

Ron has given us dance fever, more recently collaborating with Axwell & Bob Sinclar for ‘What A Wonderful World’; but now the tables have turned as Ron prepares to launch his very own record label ‘Electricity’ to the World. With a sure-fired promise of records that go back to the days of focusing primarily on the clubs rather than the charts, we catch up with ‘The Minister Of Sound’ and poke a little deeper into the wonderful world of Ron Carroll…

Hi Ron, how is today treating you, and where in the World are you?
Today is beautiful. Life is good. Right now I’m in Chicago finishing the final touches on my company offices, and Studio. It’s really exciting.

How long have you been DJing now? And what was your first gig?
I’ve been DJing for 25 years, and it has been one exciting experience after another. My first gig was in my school classroom. I had two boom Box Radios, and I was blending cassette tapes with the volume knobs on the Radio. It was crazy, but it worked…

You have laid your voice down onto many a major track – more recently with ‘What A Wonderful World’. Do you prefer singing to DJing?
Well. I get asked this question all the time. I really feel that I am the ultimate performer in House Music, because I give you the ultimate experience with DJing and Singing. Jumping and MC’ing. Just everything, so I love doing both. They just work so well together.

What A Wonderful World saw you collaborate with the mighty Axwell and Bob Sinclar. Any other major collaborations in the pipeline?
Hahaha. I’m suppose to be quiet on this one, but I’m doing a new collabo with Bob Sinclar, and with Axwell separately. I’m very excited about these songs, because there powerful, and they mean a lot to me. I wish that people feel these songs and love them.

What do you think of the state of producing? As so much music can be found pirated now online – this is surely killing the industry, what are your thoughts on this?
I really feel that producers today are just following one another’s sound, not being individuals or making songs purely from the heart. Some are just trying to get into well known Top 10 download charts. I miss the separation of sounds from producer to producer.

Where do you think it will lead the music industry? There are an abundance of new producers, a huge amount of new music is released every day, but do you think things will over-saturate soon?
Unfortunately the Dance Music industry is all about saturation. The days of taking a single, cultivating it into something big and releasing to the world is a thing of the past. I just feel that one day it will get too overwhelming, and that will make the public force those companies to take more time with the creation and promotion of music.

You are a prolific producer, and this week sees the launch of your new label Electricity. Tell us a bit more about the label and what to expect.
The label is all about going back to when House Music began. To when music releases were produced just for the clubs – to make people dance, to groove to. It’s all about not following the rules of today, not making music with a purpose to go straight into major download charts, but just making music for people to dance. We will do many collabo’s with different artist such as Cece Peniston, Michelle Shellers, Melba Moore and much more.

What kind of a crowd to you forsee enjoying your productions most on Electricity?
I truly see the younger generation of today gravitating to what we do. I know it will take time to reach them, because of so much music come out at one time, but I feel as though when we get noticed, the label will generate a massive following.

You’ve got such a long standing career in House Music, re-inventing yourself successfully to appeal to new and emerging markets in music. What do you feel separates you from other artists?
I will do anything it takes to give the people an amazing experience. I will go the distance to stay in the hearts and minds of the people. Play a set that can go from Vocal, to Techno, to progressive, to electro; just to keep people moving and to live life on the floor.

You have been known in the past to remix under the guise ‘BMC’. What does this stand for, and will you be releasing under this guise for your new label?
BMC stands for Body Music Chicago, or Black Music Central. I will do more under this name in the future. More deep and Techy.

Your first release on Electricity is entitled ‘In Love With A DJ’. Does this title draw any experiences from your own life or past experiences?
I named it that because the song uplifts the role of the DJ, and how the DJ can either take away your problems on the floor, or could enhance them. I’ve heard people say that they love me! Or they love my music. So I wanted to make a song that gives the perspective of a woman groovin’ to my music, and loving me enough make her night complete.

What do you do when you want to get away from working life?
I spend quality time with friends and family doing things like the Movies, Traveling to the Islands, or just laying in bed all day, without thinking… Serious resting.

What exciting prospects does 2010 hold for you other than the releases on your label?
I’m opening up a company called One Entertainment. This is my dream child. It will be an all purpose company specializing in Marketing and Promoting Concerts, Fashion Shows and Club events all over the world. It will also focus on the genres Electronic, R&B/Hip Hop, and Gospel, signing artists from those genres and breeding them into Global stars.

You are famous both for DJing and for Producing. Do you fill your sets with your own material? Do you favour any other artist’s productions in particular?
I always try to play my own material, for the sake of promotion, and to test weather or not things will work or not. I also have many favourite producers such as Wolfgang Gartner, Sandy Rivera, Felix Baumgartner, Alva M and a few others.

And finally, what does Ron Carroll do when the lights go up and the crowd goes home?
I go to the hotel and fall in bed…, because I give so much energy when I play, so when I’m done. I’m tired as hell. Good Night!

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