Tim Green Interview and mix


London based Tim Green is one of those producers who doesn’t turn in a lot of filler tracks. His unique style and flare shine for all to see when the 25 year old puts his music out there. Ask some of the world’s top labels such as Cocoon, Get Physical or Dirtybird, on which Tim regularly releases some of his finest work, and they’re unlikely to disagree.

In fact if you’re not sure what to expect from the young (and rather pretty) Londoner you can check out a mix here:


First of congratulations on the DJ Awards nominations,  (held in Ibiza earlier this year) how did it feel to be nominated?

Thanks a lot; yeah it’s a real honour. I’m always quite distracted and focused on music 100 percent of the times, so I’m always thinking most people don’t know who I am and have never heard of me. So I was shocked I was in the running.

You have been playing for just over 4 years now and have achieved so much, anything in particular stand out for you?

I think the relationships with the labels I work with, and all the artists/promoters I’m now friends with. Music is really nice to be sharing with others. So I’m really happy to be working with friends basically.

How does it feel to know that in such a short time that you have become a recognised name, is it overwhelming?

Not really, it’s just a crazy lifestyle change that I’m still trying to get used to. As well as trying to find the time to do more music!

You’ve had a lot of Radio1 air play, how does it feel to have done an essential mix so early in your career?

Great, again really honoured. Pete has really supported so much of my music, which I’m really thankful for, a real nice guy. As well as a lot of other radio 1 DJs. But am so, so happy to had been chosen among all the other DJ’s/artists who have already done the essential mix.

Another big thing for you is being signed to Cocoon, how did that come about?

Well Sven has been playing/supporting my music for a while, various tracks. Especially the track Revox on dirtybird which he played a lot! Then Edgar from Cocoon got in contact with me around the time they were looking for tracks to put on the latest lettered compilations they do. So he asked if I had any tracks to give them. What worked out nice was at the time the only new thing was the track Exercise by me and Emerson Todd, which got featured. Which then lead onto my track “Lone Time” further down the line.

Are you planning any more releases with them?

Yeah for sure, I have actually just finished a remix for them …

What does the rest of 2010 hold for you?

More touring and hopefully finishing a lot of new music! I’m working on my album at the moment, which is going great, but it’s going to be a long process, so expect some singles first from me 🙂