Interview with Nanny Banton – Amen Brother, jungle and Manchester

Ahead of Amen Brother’s first birthday we catch up with junglist Nanny Banton to talk promoting in the second city, beats and why nobody likes breakcore.

Breakage set for rising Manchester monthly – tomorrow

Amen Brother moves into Antwerp Mansion again on August 2nd, this time with one of the most varied DJs on the jungle and d’nb scene in control.

CHOICE CUT- Scuba ‘Personality’

Paul Rose’s third album references everything from early rave to deep and dirty breakbeat, but somehow winds up coming across completely unique.

Shackleton set for Manchester’s Kraak New Year’s Eve

The man perhaps most commonly associated with Fabric and Skull Disco, Shackleton, will be playing Manchester’s intimate Kraak Gallery on New Year’s Eve.

DJs Bailey and Ron, Bad Men, charity balls and timeless jungle

DJ Bailey, Bassman and DJ Ron head to Moho Live for Bad Man Ting this Friday December 9th, while a four man turntable contest separates the men from the boys.

Various Artists ‘Mosaic Vol 1 (Exit Records)’

dBridge, Scuba, Instra:mental, Skream, Commix, Consequence, Code 3, Loxy & Resound, Skeptical and Genotype are amongst the artists showcased on this double discer from Exit Records, proof of widespread life in the drum n bass scene well below the commercial sea level.

Chase and Status ‘No More Idols’

It’s hard to ignore the colossal impact the d’n’b/dubstep duo Chase and Status have had on music, both in Britain and on a global scale, in the past 18 months. From producing smash hit heavyweights like Rihanna and Snoop Dogg, with Drake and Jay-Z in the pipeline, Saul Milton and Will Kennard return with a […]

Fabio & Grooverider’s Masterpiece

UK drum n bass dons Fabio & Grooverider released their epic, triple-disc addition to Ministry of Sound’s acclaimed Masterpiece series today. And by the looks of things it’s quite a well crafted piece of work. MoS began the releases back in 2008 with Francoise K’s impressive effort, and followed with Jazzie B. All the albums […]

Notes on the Holy (Mix) Grail III

We continue our hunt for the best DJ mix ever recorded, and released.

Notes on the Holy (Mix) Grail – II

Plain & Simple dips back into its Benno CD towers to dig out more priceless gems on the hunt for the elusive Holy Grail of mix albums.