Breakage set for rising Manchester monthly – tomorrow


Old school revivalists and forward thinking heads alike have a rather tempting offer on their plates in the North West this weekend.

Amen Brother has been running  soirees at Manchester’s Antwerp Mansion for some time now, and tomorrow night bring none-other than Breakage to the fore, with the intention of having him play a classics set. For those that don’t know, this is a guy responsible for some devastatingly good jungle fare, despite having emerged well after what’s regarded as the sound’s golden age, and regularly proves why he’s one of the best bookings when it comes to rolling snares and broken kicks.

As for the venue, imaging a slightly strange, fittingly ram-shackled manor house-cum-events space, just off-the-beaten-track (or Curry Mile) and a stone’s throw from Manchester’s busiest bus route (and, reputedly, Europe’s too). So that would be Antwerp House on Kent Road West, Rusholme, M14 5RF. Quite the location for a party, as these events have proved a few times in the past, for full details of and tickets to the party in question click here, but we’d advice taking a listen to this first.