In our world, in their world: When style outranks substance, take the rubbish out

We continue our series looking at what’s wrong with the dance music scene with a look at style over substance events, and why these are destined to disappoint.

Various Artists ‘Eskimo Recordings presents The Pink Collection’

A spellbinding collection of cosmic disco and electronic dancefloor business that should prove enticing enough to lure in fans of all dance music mutations.

Dave Tarrida ‘Psychonautics EP’

Dave Tarrida – Psychonautics EP  Vinyl – Digital  Autofake – Released August 2013   Despite the distinctly old school electro-techno-rave vibes that permeate from every sweaty orifice of Tresor regular Dave Tarrida’s opening track here, 3 Go 3, it’s still very much the kind of music that makes parents worry about what their offspring are doing […]

Freaky Loops Present Progressive Electro

Freaky Loops present a new collection of  Progressive Electro tools produced by Utku S. – He nails it again delivering a bangin’ collection of bigroom electro sounds just for you… If you are a fan of labels like SPINNIN, WALL RECORDINGS, CR2 RECORDS, ULTRA, DIM MAK and DOOM RECORDS this pack is the perfect for […]

One Bomb’s ‘Take Over’ Video

Exploding out of the East Midlands are the high octane dance act, One Bomb, aka production duo Si Tew and Shookz, who have enlisted British vocal talents Aja, Jackdalad, Wreh-asha and Jasper with heavy results! Ready to ignite dance-floors worldwide with their unique dance & urban fusions, One Bomb detonate their powerful debut, ‘The Takeover […]

Sid Le Rock ‘Busted With A Bag Of Bliss Remixes 1’

Fairmont, Justin Robertson as The Deadstock 33s, Remain and Space Ranger take on tracks from Mr. Le Rock’s recent album, veering from sleazy electro to techno.

Various Artists ‘Kern Vol.2 Mixed By DJ Hell’

One of the most enigmatic and satisfying to hear German DJs does what he does best to celebrate the second release in Tesor’s Kern series. Highly recommended.

George Issakidis ‘Karezza’

The veteran producer turns in his first ever solo album, and confirms how good electro is when done well, in case anyone needed reminding. Recommended.

Munk ‘Misterio (Severino Horse Meat Disco and Bonar Bradberry remixes)’

Munk / Misterio (Severino Horse Meat Disco and Bonar Bradberry remixes) Vinyl / Digital  Gomma / Released May 2013 More slightly unhinged Euro beats from the Gomma stable, this time from the imprint’s co-chieftan, Mathias Modica- A.K.A. Munk. And, if you’ve never come across his work before, we’ll start by saying expect the unexpected, or […]

Rainbow Arabia ‘FM Sushi’

The Los Angeles couple return to Kompakt with their second album. More of a grower than their first grab-you-by-the-balls outing, nonetheless it’s marvellous.