Sid Le Rock ‘Busted With A Bag Of Bliss Remixes 1’


Sid Le Rock / Busted With A Bag Of Bliss Remixes


My Favourite Robot Records / Released August 2013


When the owner of a North American house music imprint winds up offering The Guardian’s Media Blog a few comments on a new promo server, you know the label in questions has ‘arrived’, so to speak. And what better way to celebrate such an achievement than with four cosmic, filthy, progressive and really rather funky remixes of tunes from the most recent LP by a well known purveyor of dirty dancing beats?

Probably none, albeit we’re sure the powers that be at My Favourite had this EP package planned well in advance of said British broadsheet getting in touch. It’s not hard to see why, either, given the likes of Justin Robertson (under the Deadstock 33s guise), French techno head Remain, Fairmont and Space Ranger have all been roped in to deliver the re-readings. A quartet of quality names touching on a spectrum of sounds, that alone should have you interested.

The results are along the lines of what we may have expected too, or perhaps hoped for, with the four aforementioned producers offering a sleazy, deeply textured broken beat affair, a heavy-ish dancefloor bomb nodding to the pioneering years of pre-electro and techno, spatial and melodic tech house, and deep tribal stuff filled with inviting chords. Leaving few people disappointed then, this is yet more proof of how all-encompassing the MFRR output seems to be.