In our world, in their world: When style outranks substance, take the rubbish out

We continue our series looking at what’s wrong with the dance music scene with a look at style over substance events, and why these are destined to disappoint.

Cooh – Dark DnB

Gear up to traverse the pulsing, savage soundscapes of Dark DnB with this monster pack of trial strength samples, featuring the singular sounds of Bulgarian wunderkind Ivan Shopov aka Cooh.   Ear-shattering one shots, heavy loops, blasting breakbeats, and bone-crushing bass abound on this raging collection of authentic dark underground grooves.  Add a whopping 650 Mb […]

Breakage set for rising Manchester monthly – tomorrow

Amen Brother moves into Antwerp Mansion again on August 2nd, this time with one of the most varied DJs on the jungle and d’nb scene in control.

He wears a mask, he plays pre-mixed tracks. We’re bored.

The argument over fake DJs remains heated, with ongoing statements from either side of the warring factions. All we want to know is if anyone still cares?

The Warehouse Project announces September return

Too many names to mention will launch the next series of Manchester’s newly re-housed Warehouse Project, from breakbeat to dubstep, techno to house music.

CHOICE CUT- Scuba ‘Personality’

Paul Rose’s third album references everything from early rave to deep and dirty breakbeat, but somehow winds up coming across completely unique.

Shackleton set for Manchester’s Kraak New Year’s Eve

The man perhaps most commonly associated with Fabric and Skull Disco, Shackleton, will be playing Manchester’s intimate Kraak Gallery on New Year’s Eve.

DJs Bailey and Ron, Bad Men, charity balls and timeless jungle

DJ Bailey, Bassman and DJ Ron head to Moho Live for Bad Man Ting this Friday December 9th, while a four man turntable contest separates the men from the boys.

Karl Phillips and the Midnight Ramblers launch EP in London next Wednesday

Grime, dubstep, drum n bass, and punk almost describes Karl Phillips and the Midnight Ramblers’ sound, check out the new video and London gig details here.

Around the world in 80 labels: Fabric Records – Geoff Muncey

Geoff Muncey of Fabric in London, purveyor of possibly the greatest mix series ever, spanning techno, breakbeat, drum n bass and house, answers our questions.