SYDNEY – The Quest For A Decent Club Night – La Famiglia @ The Burdekin

A few things happened to me last weekend which I wont lie: (a) haven’t happened in a while, and (b.) I’d feared might NEVER happen in this fine city of Sydney. I danced in a club, to high quality music, surrounded by amazing people – not a dickhead in sight. No lies. Now you may […]

Darkbeat 10 year compilation gets huge props…

Darkbeat 10 Years In an era of electronic music that’s dominated by online mixes and podcasts etc, it’s tempting to question the validity of commercially available mixes. Either way, Australian party promoters- turned label Darkbeat certainly seem to see the merits in doing exactly that, so much so that the imprint’s debut endeavors features not […]

Darkbeat 10th Anniversary Compilation Released

To celebrate a glorious decade in the dance music industry, Darkbeat, Australia’s foremost underground dance music club promoter and tastemaker are releasing an incredible 3CD collection; this will be the debut release for recently launched Darkbeat Recordings. The compilation,  expertly mixed by three of Darkbeat’s super-est superstars: Anthony Pappa, Phil K and Rollin Connection, traverses […]

Lucid Dreaming don’t fake it…

Tough Love – I Don’t Fake It Australian imprint Lucid Dreaming might well come of age in 2013 after some great early releases. On their next EP are British duo Tough Love who combine plenty of modern house aesthetics with catchy vocals and brightly coloured melodies. The first track, ‘I Don’t Want To Love’ is […]

deadmau5 punched in the head in Australia…

Not that we condone violence over at Plain and Simple (honest…) but I did chuckle to myself today upon hearing the news that mouse head wearing big mouth was on the receiving end of a fist from a DJ in Brisbane. This will also (I have no doubt) be a source of amusement to those […]