Lucid Dreaming don’t fake it…

Tough Love – I Don’t Fake It

Australian imprint Lucid Dreaming might well come of age in 2013 after some great early releases. On their next EP are British duo Tough Love who combine plenty of modern house aesthetics with catchy vocals and brightly coloured melodies.

The first track, ‘I Don’t Want To Love’ is laced up with a rasping, molten synth line that weaves its way up, down, in and out of the rubber kicks and breathy spoken vocals. Some celestial melodies add an air of mystery to the studied ambiance and you can imagine this one lighting up dancefloors everywhere. ‘It’s A Girl Thing’ pairs choppy but slow burning tech house drums with a predatory bassline and is imbued with plenty of inherent funk, whilst closer ‘I Don’t Fake It’ is a gauzy, filter heavy disco joint with dazzling synths and some infectious handclaps. The cries of ‘fuck me baby; mean there is a sure-fire sexuality to this – and all the tracks here. Expect them to be big at WMC and you wont be wrong.