deadmau5 punched in the head in Australia…

Not that we condone violence over at Plain and Simple (honest…) but I did chuckle to myself today upon hearing the news that mouse head wearing big mouth was on the receiving end of a fist from a DJ in Brisbane. This will also (I have no doubt) be a source of amusement to those who’ve been the subject of his arrogant outbursts. deadmau5, AKA Joel Zimmermann, is notoriously public about his hatred for DJs and has ranted about this plus much more over the years. These rants and his big headed (if you’ll pardon the pun.. ) attitude have started to become more famous than his music on internet forums.

After concluding his Australian tour at the weekend with a gig at Creamfields, Brisbane, he was at the afterparty which was being held at Birdee nightclub. On the 2nd of May he tweeted:

“Thank god for creamfeilds tonight, coz the music at the afterrparty is fucking god awful.”

(please note any typos are not my bad spelling or grammar.. lol) not content with this he then approached the DJ who was playing at the time (allegedly a local DJ who he later tweeted to say he was called DJ LL COOL JAMES) and moaned to him about his music selection.  Later, the DJ responded by punching Daft Punk wannabe Zimmermann in the head.

He then went on to put out 2 more tweets:

“birdee nightclub in Brisbane… opening DJ came at me later in the night and decided to punch me in the back of the head. #mistake”

“well the opening “dj” at the club decided to have a go at me. So fuck him and fuck that club. I left.”

There has also been mixed reports as to whether it was actually punch to the face when a fan asked for a photo, Zimmerman got a bit rough with him and then Cool James ended up in the middle as a fight broke out.  Either way its a pity he wasn’t wearing his mouse head at the time – could have served as a crash helmet!

The Canadian house producer deadmau5 made comments during an interview with the Irish Daily Star newspaper a few years back, and  is reported to have said that “all DJs are fucking c*nts”.

He said: “I don’t really see the technical merit in playing two songs at the same speed together,” he opined. “[They are] my number one customer, right, so I’m not gonna go diss every fucking DJ. But to say you become this massive… performer by playing other people’s productions at the same speed as someone else’s productions and fading between the two of them, I don’t get it”.

Whatever happened it seems someone got 1 in the back of the net for the DJs of the world.