Luciano & Friends – Into The Aether (Part One)

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Title: Into The Aether
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Any Luciano sceptics out there would be right to point out that this latest from the globetrotting superstar isn’t really doing anything new. Nevertheless, what it does do it does very well, with a delightfully scatty side to everything on Into The Aether.

Whether that’s born from a night on the ether or not is anyone’s guess, but as is best realised with Luciano and Marlowe’s Arizona Green Song, this package is all about the lumbering low ends and loose top end percussive sections that, if we weren’t used to the producer and therefore at least slightly prepared for them, might even catch a few less suspecting listeners off guard. Indeed, by the end of the aforementioned it’s impossible not to imagine a room full of revellers snapping fingers and stomping feet to the decidedly addictive rhythms carrying the arrangement forward. Coupled with the notably less compelling Bells & Tonic– a stepping, bass bin-ruining number recorded alongside Dani Casarano- and what we’re being offered is a very strong EP indeed, albeit the legions of dedicated disciples will be quicker to jump on this than any passing neutrals. That said, surely it’s rarely any different with any revered and respected figurehead?