Brett Johnson ‘The Secret Place EP’

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Title: The Secret Place EP
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It will surprise few long-term fans of Brett Johnson to learn that this EP comes resplendent with it’s own mixing tool remix. This is, after all, a chap who has made it his business to provide DJs with the kind of kit DJs love to play for some time already.

In all honest, or at least our experience, though, The Secret Place isn’t really a typical Johnson package. You Can Count On Me lunges and jacks its dirty little way through a dubby elec-house variant, and Voyage 34 boasts an edge of the lyrical lunacy and erratic undertones the producer shot to acclaim for, but on the whole this is more heads down, dark rooms and strobes than it is sleazy party starting stuff.

Of course this is exactly the route Johnson has been taking for some time now, and arguably The Awakening- lead track here- is one of his best efforts in the new, more mature modus. Clean, not-quite-melancholic chords married to rolling, tracking cymbals and one hell of a progressive low end making for a piece of work that should go down very well indeed with fans of contemporary, immersive, groovy deep techno sounds.