Michael Mayer preps new album

The king of Kompakt, amongst other things, will unleash a brand new long player in early winter. Needless to say then, we’re unusually excited about the onset of said month, cold wet weather to one side.

Amazingly, considering how well and widely respected he is, Michael Mayer has only released on production album to date, with Touch arriving in meaty, proggy, techno glory some eight years ago. All of which might make you thing it’s time for round two, and evidently the man in question also agrees, as Mantasy, his second long form offering, will be winding its way into stores online and on the street come October 22nd. Expect quality workmanship throughout (let’s face it, something is very wrong if this isn’t the case), full tracklisting below, and all things related to this much-loved label and artist can be found by clicking right here.

Michael Mayer / Mantasy (Kompakt) 

01. Sully

02. Lamusetwa

03. Wrong Lap

04. Mantasy

05. Roses

06. Baumhaus

07. Rudi Was A Punk

08. Voigt Kampff Test

09. Neue Furche

10. Good Times