Christian Lamper – Break Away – Sub_Urban

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Title: Break Away
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Sub_Urban is a label that grew out of a party of the same name in Spain and Mallorca. Operating on the deeper end of the house spectrum it now serves up a new EP from German Christian Lamper featuring two originals and a brace of great remixes that proves the outfit knows where its at when it comes to on point club music.

Up first is the original titler, Break Away, a nicely considered bit of deep house with a sombre, rasping bassline and nice emotive vocal phrases. It sways invitingly to and fro and is a great set builder, complete with sombre chords and lots of subtle effects. The first remix is by Guri & Goal and it ups the bassline ante, quickening the groove and making it that bit more direct and driven. The second comes from Sebas Ramis & Campaner and goes the other way, with an even deeper vibe perpetuated throughout. The lead synth line also becomes more of a freeform feature and the beats, when they kick proper, are full of bite. Last but not least, Surroundings is a playful and inventive summer number with tons of Casio like melodies, whirring machine sounds and sun kissed drums al making for a lively listen.