Fabian Schumann & Black Vel – Hey E.P. – Mangue

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Title: Hey E.P.
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You can tell that Fabian Schumann & Black Vel have long been each others creative muses because of how naturally they gel in the studio. Veterans now with more than 15 EPs behind them, here they turn up on Mangue Records with two new pained house cuts complete with a remix by Mirco Niemeier.

Up first is Dry, which is a gritty bit of progressive tech house that builds in layers and has a nagging, awkward synth line running right through its core. Around it are flapping, involving drums and hooky melodic sounds that really worm their way into your ear. It’s a centrepiece track that will stand out in any set, and Hey is much the same. This second original is a little more human and happy feeling than the first. The neon melodies glow like fireflies and are draped over metal drums and nice hits. Its simple but effective and the little drum fills drive it along nicely. The remix of this one is by label regular Mirco Niemeier. His version is stripped back to the raw elements and proceeds with a mechanical sense of funk that is impossible to ignore.