Dive into the Powerful Soundscape of ‘Bomba’: the Latest Single from Vampire Sex and Hotboxx

Teaming up to present their smash collaboration, Vampire Sex and Hotboxx are here to unleash the energy with their latest Tech House single, ‘Bomba’; this new track is set for release via Tech Avenue Records as part of ‘Junction – Volume 7’, a fresh new compilation album from the label that brings together a host of impressive Artists and Producers from Electronic Music. With their new release, Vampire Sex and Hotboxx have taken their individual powerful signature sounds, marrying them together to deliver an exciting and fresh production. As they present this enthralling and dynamic listen, Vampire Sex and Hotboxx both cement their names as one to continue to watch out for as they promise to keep surprising and impressing fans with their compelling productions.  

Both Vampire Sex and Hotboxx have had a busy year so far, releasing new material that consistently delivers high-energy and high-quality soundscapes.  

Vampire Sex, the powerful DJ duo, has quickly gained momentum, showing no signs of slowing down soon. With a sound that blends across genres, working within the House, Tech House, Deep House, and Latin genres, to name a few, Vampire Sex emerges as a diverse duo whose musical journey is only just getting started.  

Hotboxx is also no stranger to the Electronic Music scene; as he keeps his motivation and drive high, the talented Producer’s reputation and popularity keep growing. His unstoppable determination to carve out a unique path within the genre has seen him tackle new creative endeavours, including presenting his radio show ‘All The Smoke’; as he showcases his relentless enthusiasm and passion for his art, Hotboxx is sure to keep taking the Electronic Music realm by storm.  

‘Bomba’ begins with a thumping beat, funky rhythmic elements, and electrifying sonic details; as the track drives forward, a bouncy bassline and exciting vocal chops enter the mix, adding an intriguing flavour. With the energy continuing to build, the track starts to take on a new feel: as the beat changes in groove, the tension soon grows. The party-starter vibe returns with intensity, guiding the listener into a mighty-sounding soundscape that is as infectious as it is groovy; an exciting and compelling listen, ‘Bomba’ is an unmissable production that is poised to become a firm favourite amongst genre lovers.   

Known individually to have unique and distinctive signature styles, Vampire Sex and Hotboxx have each made a name for themselves within Electronic Music, emerging as trailblazing innovators whose unmatched sound and talent continue to propel them to the forefront of the genre. This new release is set to keep both names high on the list of exciting Producers and DJs on the Electronic Music scene, so make sure to follow them across social media to stay up-to-date on their latest projects and releases. ‘Bomba’ is out now via Tech Avenue Records and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 


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