Warehouse LDN presents Listed with Flashmob

flashmobThis Saturday Flashmob – AKA Danny and Alessandro – descend upon Warehouse LDN. Five years ago, after the pair became disillusioned with the industry and their current project, they united to create Flashmob  – now a highly accredited and recognized brand.

Although respected in the techno and progressive house genres, they’d lost sight of their original passion for music. Producing 40-50 records a year, in an intense ‘factory farming’ style of record making, turned out to be far cry from the original dream.

Starting afresh they decided to get back to basics. Studying Chicago House in its entirety, they educated themselves in the origins of house music, emerging sometime later with a refreshed passion.

Fast forward to today and Flashmob is one of the most acclaimed and recognizable production groups in house music. Having carved a powerful niche for themselves, they continue to craft their unique brand of awesomely unpretentious house music.

Not many people’s records get spun by both Kerri Chandler at Pandemonium and Pete Tong at Pacha in the same season; the fact that Flashmob can count themselves as producers in this group goes some way to showing the global underground appeal of the records they make.

Catch em this Saturday. In glorious sonic style, they’ll be pumping that sought after sound through the Warehouse LDN Funktion one speaker stacks. Yum.

Room 2: Provocateurs
Andy Woods
Alex Black

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