NATHASSIA Drops The Latest EDM Anthems on Her Goddess Is A DJ Radio Show

It’s that time again when NATHASSIA brings us a brand-new edition of her monthly ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ radio show. NATHASSIA has a serious dedication to music and puts her heart and soul into putting together the very best catalogue of creative talents as she aims to remain ahead of the curve with weekly radio shows that highlight the latest EDM anthems in the scene. This month’s shows are full to the brim with EDM bangers that have either dominated the charts or are diamonds waiting to be uncovered, each week offers the perfect mix to get you in the party mood or out of bed ready for another workday. 

As we near the 24th episode of her ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ radio show, you can be treated to her handpicked favourites from artists like au5 & Runn, Tigerlily, Don Diablo, Deadmau5 and many more. You can tune in every week including her latest performances in June as NATHASSIA spins the finest in mainstage EDM & Future House with a sprinkling of her own club hits with sounds capable of filling the dancefloor in seconds. With her latest radio show appearances, this is the perfect opportunity to check in with NATHASSIA and listen to her handpicked favourites. 

NATHASSIA is currently working on lots of exciting projects at the moment, including a discography of seriously impressive hits like ‘Light Of The World’, ‘In My Head’ and ‘Change The World’ that push her worldly talents to the forefront. . Be sure to keep up to date with NATHASSIA over the coming months. 

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