Huxley Interview

London based Michael Dodman aka Huxley is having something of a renaissance recently… he emerged amid a tide of deep house producers on labels like Cecile a couple of years ago, but in 2011 has risen to the top of the pile thanks to releases on Tsuba, his own new Saints & Sonnets, as well as Leftroom and Morris Audio. We checked in with the man who often collaborates with fellow Londoners Sam Russo and Ethyl ahead of his gig for Connected in London, on November 26th…

Hi Huxley, for those that don’t know you, how would you describe your productions and the music you play out?

I would say that I make a mixture of Old Skool House, Deep House and Garage. It’s all kind of a bastardisation.

How did you first get into underground house music?

 Well I first got into house through listening to UK Garage when I was about 16. That got me listening to old house and then I started going to minimal nights every week at The Key, The Cross, The End etc etc when I was about 18/19. That sound was massive around then and then I moved in to proper house music.

Who do you count amongst your musical influences?

Tuff Jam, Kerri Chandler, Ray Hurley, MJ Cole, MCDE, Mike Dunn, Chez N Trent, J Dilla, Mountain People… loads…

Can you tell us about your new record label Saints & Sonnets?

Well we’ve just released our first 12′. It’s an original from myself and Ethyl and has 2 stunning remixes from the legend, Roman Flugel. I’m running it with a friend of mine, Jimmy Posters, and at the moment we’re currently sorting out our next 2 releases. We’ve got some great artists coming up, established and new. It’s a very exciting time, it’s taking up most of my days right now!

How do you create your music in the studio, do you have a set process?

I normally take each track as it comes. It could be that I’ve already got an idea or a sample in mind or whatever, so I work up from there. Or it could be that I’m coming to the table with just nothing and just wanting to make a tune. I would say though, that I normally start with adding the drums and bass. They’re really the backbone to any tune.

Do you have any advice for up and coming producers?

Don’t rush into things. Take your time to work on music and make sure you’re passionate about what you’re making. If you’re not, it will come across in your tracks. Also don’t follow the trends. Set them.

How has your year been year been, do you have any particular highlights?

My year has been very good! Played a lot of new places, such as Germany, Ibiza, Italy, and Norway and also worked with some great people and labels. I’m not sure about a particular highlight, but I guess playing in Ibiza for the first time was pretty special.

Your next gig in London is Connected – The London Underground, what do you think of the current scene in London

It’s getting better and better. It had a slump for a while a few years ago, but there are some great parties, DJs and producers coming out of London at the moment

Catch Huxley at Connected at Cable, London on the 26th November.