Archives for May 2020

Ken Bauer & J-Rob MD deliver ‘Until You Speak’ on Sirup Music

Ken Bauer & J-Rob MD have joined forces once again to deliver an incredible melancholic Future House anthem that features a stunning vocal and thick emotional drop. With a steady beat during the into prepping you as the 2 producers flirt with melodic elements until the main rhythm drops in.   The track includes hints […]

Initial Eyes releases Awakening & The Infinite Climb EP

Initial Eyes has released yet another 2 tracks titled ‘Awakening’ and ‘The Infinite Climb’ which explore the realms of progressive house and make for truly joyful listening. ‘Awakening’ is deep, intriguing and melodic with a low-level energy that’s calming yet groovy. The track has been a sort of work in progress for Initial Eyes as […]

ALWZ SNNY’s ‘Love Revolution’ is out now

  ALWZ SNNY’s brand new release ‘Love Revolution’ was born by the inspiration of Tomorrowland. Melancholic chords open the track whilst Jennifer Chatham’s voice sends tingles up your spine as its paired with cinematic bass. ‘Love Revolution’ continues to build drama piece by piece before piercing synths and a bouncy groove begin to consume the […]

Waede Watts drop ‘Avenoir’

First announced back in December of last year, the wait is finally over as Wæde Wätts’s debut album ‘Avenoir’ is out now. Featuring 12 outstanding tracks, this album takes you on a journey through grooves and melodies like no other. Avenoir contains some firm fan favourites that have already seen tons of attention from audiences […]

Naizon drops long awaited ‘Pause’

Naizon’s latest release proves that his decision to switch up genres to Tech House was a stroke of genius as ‘Pause’ features a funky Tech House beat with dark and edgy vocals that offer a sort of mysteriousness to the track. Naizon flaunts his production talents building up an atmosphere and creating an exciting drop […]

Jacob Colon releases brand new single ‘Bliss’

Jacob Colon is back after the success of his last release ‘Work’ with another brand-new club-ready tune this time titled ‘Bliss’. Jacob gets straight to the point from the very first beat incorporating funky afro-beats with tribal drums along with a fun steel drum sounding melody that’s present throughout the track that gets you up […]

Check out Bobby Shann & Blas Cordero’s latest hit ‘Double Vision’

Bobby Shann and Blas Cordero have joined forces meaning that double trouble are bringing ‘Double Vision’. This Tech-House track has a deep bassy groove that instantly draws you in and transports you to the dancefloor. The production on this release is crisp and precise and made for the ravers as you can’t help but dance […]

Lenell Brown drops ‘We’ll Make It Through’

Clipper’s Sounds resident vocalist is back with a brand-new release called ‘We’ll Make It Through’. From the very first beat, Lenell Brown’s stunning vocals consume the track whilst the bright and cheerful music plays in the background. ‘We’ll Make It Through’ has a classic upbeat EDM anthem feel and has got summer vibes written all […]

The Vessbroz April edition of ElectroVessels are now live

The Vessbroz have been on the trajectory to stardom from their very first release, however, their radio show is now catching up to the success of their productions as the month of April has seen some major guests join the brothers, bringing nothing but good vibes to the world currently stuck indoors.   Now up […]

Check out Joe Hawes’ brand new tune I’m Alright’

Joe Hawes is back once again with an incredible single that is guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits, ‘I’m Alright’ is a fresh new Future House tune that feels bright and innovative. The track starts subtly with chords that swirl in and out with the choppy vocal taking the lead, once the main beat kicks in […]