Archives for March 2020

$ilv@ drops $ynchroniz3

New Yorker DJ and Producer $ilv@ is back with a brand new single titled $ynchroniz3. With an industrial feel from the very first beat, the hi-hat flickers as the pace ramps up and the track is then filled with electronic, robotic arpeggios. $ilv@ is known for his creativity and passion and there is definitely an […]

Grab your copy of Naizon’s new Tech House tune ‘Midnight’

Italian Tech House rising talent Naizon is back with a brand-new single called ‘Midnight’ which is best described as a major hard-hitting Tech House tune with a gritty edge. This is a sound we have not yet heard in any of Naizon’s previous releases but is definitely something checking out!   Starting off the track […]

Initial Eyes release long awaited ‘Riddle Of The Sphinx’

According to an old Greek myth, travellers from distant lands would encounter a sphinx that would present to them a riddle. If they were able to solve it, the sphinx would obliterate them but if they were fortunate to answer correctly, the sphinx would spare them and allow them to pass.   Initial Eyes has […]

Check out the latest single from Joe Hawes called ‘Tissues’

’Tissues’ is the latest production from UK Future House artist Joe Hawes. The track begins upbeat with twinkly piano elements before powerful vocals consume the beat with the catchy lyrics pairing perfectly with the bass-led build up. Joe flawlessly keeps the energy rising into a bright synthy drop and of course, features his signature percussive […]

Roberto Rodriguez releases brand new single ‘Hard Working’

Roberto Rodriguez is armed with a brand-new tune called ‘Hard Working’, which is apt seeing as Roberto works extremely hard to create stunning tunes and is a true master of his craft. ‘Hard Working’ starts off strong and gets straight to the point with a steady beat that gradually builds an excitement.   An insanely […]

Znas drops brand new 3-track OO EP

ZNAS is back with a brand-new conceptual EP that features 3 tracks that surround the torment of struggles of a couple who hide their love for fear of rejection. ZNAS tries to tackle the taboo surrounding prejudice and love through the medium of music.   The three tracks in the ep include ‘dOOm’, ‘rOOm-antic’ and […]

Jacob Colon’s ‘Work’ is out now

New Yorker, Jacob Colon fell in love with House music after stepping into Pacha NYC for the very first time. Now he has transitioned from playing in a Church band to becoming one of the most promising rising talents in the House scene. His brand new single ‘Work’ is a deep, atmospherical energy builder that […]

Bobby Shann drops ‘Break It Down’

Bobby Shann is known for his intoxicating style that snatches your attention with his striking and flavourful beats and he lives up to his reputation with the release of his brand new single ‘Break It Down’.   Bursting at the seams with techy goodness, this tune is an instant toe-tapper. The funky groove begins subtle, […]

Check out Clambake & Rav3era’s new single ‘Give Me’

Brotherly duo Clambake and Rav3era have had an incredible year so far as releases go and we’re not even a third of the way through the year yet! They are back after the release of ‘Follow You’ with a brand-new Future House single titled ‘Give Me’. Showing off their exceptional musical range, ‘Give Me’ offers […]

Check out Lenell Brown’s brand new hit with Tagomago titled ‘Running Away’

Two of Clipper’s Sound’s top artists, Tagomago and Lenell Brown have joined forces to create a stunning new hit that gives off a very reminiscent, summer focused vibe called ‘Running Away’. An ice-cool groove with hints of electronic elements kicks off the track before a steady, heavy bass beat comes in. Spanish influenced melodies dance […]