Behind the scenes of ‘Namek’ with Trunks

Trunks is an artist who found his love for EDM later in his career, however that has not stopped him from excelling at making huge EDM/Trap fused tunes that have taken the industry by storm. His latest track is called ‘Namek’ and has been gaining lots of attention from DJs and audiences across the scene. We caught up with Trunks to discuss ‘Namek’, goals for this year and what’s next on the agenda for Trunks’ global takeover.

How would you describe ‘Namek’ to those who haven’t heard it yet?

I would say it’s an in your face combination of crazy sounds and drums meant for a festival.


What does ‘Namek’ mean?

Namek is the name of the planet that was one of the main locations on the show Dragonball Z. Goku turned Super Saiyan there for the first time.


What was the inspiration behind this track?

I listened to a lot of festival trap when it was playing everywhere; I wanted to make my own version of that.


Did you have to overcome any obstacles with this release, mentally or physically?

I struggled to name the song; I went through at least twenty different names. I ended up watching a video on YouTube that reminded me of the planet Namek.


What was it like working with Digital Empire Records?

It was a great experience, they have a lot of cool releases and I am happy that I can be involved in that. I would for sure work with them again on another release.


Do you feel like your music has evolved since bursting on to the scene?

Yeah totally, I find myself using and experimenting with sounds that I would not normally use. Meeting so many great artists and hearing their work, it is hard to not to want to evolve your own sound.


What would you say is your favourite release of yours?

Namek, it has so much energy and the one I was the most excited about getting out there to the world.


Are you hoping to collaborate with anyone this year, if so who?

Rezz or RL Grime, I think our music would be special. The music I make would blend well with their sounds and energy.


All of your tracks seem to have unique names for them, where do you come up with them?

Thanks, when I originally wanted to get into music, I had a plan of having my first set of releases being named after my love for Dragonball Z. After my next release, I will be switching the names up.


What would be your dream label to release on?

Spinnin’ has a great reputation and a long list of hits, landing a song with them can also take your career to another level.


Have you got any gigs booked where people can come and see you anytime soon?

No dates as of now but we are putting a tour together, I stepped away from the stage to concentrate on getting music made and to be a father.


What’s next on the agenda for Trunks?

Touring is next on my agenda; it’s time to hit the road again! I miss seeing and experiencing new things and performing for people.


Finally, where can we go to check out ‘Namek’?

Search ‘Trunks’ on all online platforms and you will find my music on there! Spotify has most of my catalogue on there though.


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