Quick Fire Interview: Tom Novy

In an industry where DJs and producers come and go in the blink of an eye, Tom Novy has sustained a career that has stretched over 18 years to date with no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. Achieving numerous chart hits, television appearances, world-renowned residencies and underground anthems, there is not a part of the dance music world that Tom has not graced with his infectious personality and endearing sense of fun. He will be playing regularly for Kinky Malinki at Sankeys in Ibiza this summer (it all started July 4th with Tom as resident) and will also play the Kinky Malinki London party at Proud2 on July 9th alongside TV Rock and Bingo Players. As such, we caught up with him for a quick chat…

You’re back playing in London for Kinky Malinki, this time at Proud2, and you’ve recently compiled one of the CDs for the recent London to Ibiza compilation album. How important is it for you to build a strong rapport with promoters/promotions, like you have with Kinky Malinki?

I think it’s very important. It’s a lot of more fun when you know each other and party together. I think this is what we came for, right? We came to Party!

With that close link in place, you’ll playing for them in Ibiza this Summer at the new residency at Sankeys new club on the White Isle. Are you as excited?

Yes I’m super excited! Most of the people know me from Space I guess, but I think after 17 years Residency there it’s time for a new challenge. Sankeys I think has a very good chance to become a good place to party in Ibiza. So let’s all come and help us to make Sankeys a nice and friendly home for clubbers who want to dance and have fun.


Tom Novy and Ibiza are like Cornflakes and Milk. What else do you think goes hand in hand in Ibiza apart from any of the obvious things?

Hierbas and hielo, DJ Zappi and a Beachbar, Hotel Ocean Drive and DJ´s from everywhere, Benniras and drums, Pacha and cherries, Sarah Main and her sita, KM5 and Josh, Jason and Es vive, Cafe Mambo and those two crazy bothers, there is a lot more. May be I should write a blog.

One last question on Ibiza. Can you tell us the craziest story you’ve been involved in or heard from your visits over the years?

There are too many to name one I guess!! But how about this…. come and see me playing at Sankeys on Monday for Kinky Malinki and hopefully you’ll be in one of my stories. 😉

Your productions and remixes can often differ quite a bit, as opposed to some other DJ/Producers who have one particular style. How do you approach your musical projects exactly?

Well I think it´s quite boring to just have one style. It´s about reinventing yourself every time. I like any kind of music so from Pop to Techno it could be everything. Most importantly I have to feel it.

One of the reasons you’re so popular is your showmanship. It’s great to have someone that engages with the crowd. Were you always like that as a youngster or did you grow into it?

I think I was always like that. Maybe a bit more shy back in the day. But I think it´s a lot more fun when you interact with your crowd.

Over the years you’ve covered some air miles rocking the world’s clubs. Has there ever been a time when you’ve stopped and thought ‘This place is lovely, I could easily live here’?

Oh yes there really are some places in the world. Lovely places and even more important, lovely people everywhere. From US to Australia, from Ibiza to India I know a lot of great places and I have met a lot of amazing people. But my home is where my heart is and that is where my family is. I just recently moved from Munich to Zürich and I love my new home.

You must have had your fair few remix requests in the past too. Can you tell us about any that you just laughed at and rejected? Also is there anyone that you’re hoping would ask for the Tom Novy remix treatment?

To be honest there has been no request that I have laughed about or rejected. The only reason for rejecting a remix request has been not enough time. I hope one day Tracy Thorn is asking. I love her voice. Call me Tracy!