Mathew Jonson ‘Typerope 10th Anniversary Release’


Mathew Jonson – Typerope 10th Anniversary Release


Itiswhatitis – Released November 2013


Much, much more than a re-pressing, Mathew Jonson revisits one of the most glorious cuts from his early career to celebrate its 10th birthday, with both A and B side sounding as fresh, if not fresher than they did back in 2003. Great news all round then.

Remembering the original Typerope, a razor sharp, up-tempo glittering piece of dancefloor focused, synth-fuelled futurist techno, and you can’t help but raise a smile. A bona fide anthem that at the time marked out one of the most exciting rising names in electronic music, here both the titular tune and Magic Through Music on the flip have been reworked with Tube-Tech compressors and Weiss EQs- kit that wasn’t available when they first surfaced. There are audible improvements as a result too, with the typical Jonson textures and timbre heightened to truly immersive levels.

Whether or not it’s a big enough jump to warrant buying the package again is probably down to opinion, mind, and how worn the decade-old vinyl copy you have is. Perhaps more significantly then, this is a rare opportunity for a new set of ears, perhaps younger, to engage with a timeless anthem produced by a guy who, back then, was still very much the talk of new schoolers the world over. Offering an insight into where one of today’s most prominent and respected studio heads has come from, it’s certainly not going to do him any disservice.