Peru, Like The Country ‘Assassinator Remixes’


Peru, Like The Country / Assassinator Remixes

Vinyl / Digital 

Micro.Fon / Released July 2013


Whichever way you look at it, there’s something pretty special about the four re-interpretations of what was, to be fair, a pretty special original track in the first place (albeit not really what you’d call dance, but rather prog rock). And by that we mean Laurent Garnier, saturated in mystery and suggestion, huge soundscapes and tangible atmospherics special.

But wait, before you go running off to the nearest (legal, thank you) download site it’s important to note that this is one of those epics, rather than a peaktime dancefloor destroyer. Or at least it is in the poised, patient, but wholly pleasing Pawn Shop People Remix, because as we so enjoy, here the various items in the pack are on completely different pages, making for a varied release to say the least.

Next up then we have Markus Suckut’s attempt at re-assembling the pieces of another track, Pretty Gone Far. Again the source material is a guitar fuelled track, this time on more of a rolling tip, and as was the case before, boasting more than a few elements that will clearly appeal to electronic producers (not least timbre). Second remix, second quality re-imagining then, as the aforementioned chap strips everything down to the bare essentials- looped vocal hook, bounding and almost off-time kick drum, along with a few percussive accents. The result is a hypnotic, druggy and truly engaging cut, which in turn begs the question- why can’t more tunes be this tough and funk fuelled?