Brett Johnson v Motor City Soul ‘Ile De Sables’


Brett Johnson v Motor City Soul ‘Il De Sables’

Vinyl / Digital

Superfreq / Released June 2013


Matthias Vogt and Christian “C-Rock” Rindermann, AKA Motor City Soul, have apparently decided this will be their last single together, which is certainly a shame from our perspective. Ending the partnership on a high, their final offering- produced alongside house music stalwart Brett Johnson- is definitely one for the shopping list this month.

Especially as it also comes with too not-so-common remixes from Satoshi Tomiie, making for a trophy package if ever we saw one. As impressive on a stereo, or indeed club system, as the ingredients look on paper, the single track, Ille De Sables, is an electro-tinged slice of futuristic disco house in all different readings, with the main difference between the four seeming to be how low and heavy or light upbeat you want things to sound. Whichever is preferable, expect dirty bouncy basslines, constantly developing synth lines, and a few acid accents, making for seriously dancefloor friendly material.