The Black Dog ‘Darkhaus Vol. 2’


The Black Dog / Darkhaus Vol. 2

Vinyl / Digital 

Dust Science Recordings / Released May 2013

Proof, if it were needed, that you can’t beat rolling, building, but strangely never-arriving techno, The Black Dog’s latest EP kicks off with a nod to the space-age minimalism of Robert Hood et al. Cracked‘s hookline and refusal to even consider a breakdown has been done so many times before, and thanks to its finely detailed percussive accents, ingenious hi-hats, and perfectly placed key changes, this is definitely an example of how to get the most out of that concept. There’s not a lot happening in truth, but nevertheless it’s going to ruin any self-respecting crowd inside any given venue (which is meant in the best possible way, of course).

Like the other two tracks offered here, there’s intelligence in spades. The timing of the soaring string synth is just left of the centre, whist the accents remain largely in flux- giving the mind something to think about even when listening at home, rather than purely concentrating on feet in a club. Concluding with a pair of neo-industrial outings, all machine rhythms and brutish drums, whilst such tones have a habit of being awkward or regimented, here those criticisms do not apply. Mechanics have been re-imagined with such vitality the result is engaging and highly immersive music that, although bound to find the most favour amongst ‘proper heads’, will definitely keep all faces on the floor moving. In short, definitely one to buy immediately, especially if you have a real penchant for tough but imaginative tracks.