JP Chronic launches new label and first release….


This first release from JP Chornic’s new Chornovision label has a lot to say for itself – there are any different takes on tech and house from a variety of producers which suggest the White Isle – where the label is based – has plenty more to offer besides the clubs and parties you know so well already.

One of the picks is the spare, classic house workout from Gauthier with its icy hi hats, slapping kick and snare combos and long tailed pads. The boss himself lays down a more fulsome but equally infectious wedge of tech house that takes no prisoners, with Cristian Vivano’s ‘I Mean’ the heaviest of the lot. It’s diving bass notes and grippy percussion driving you forward in nice loopy loops. ‘Papa Told Me Not to Come’ on the other hand is more bracing and stiff, working your body into a robot dance with its clean cut lines. Manu & Javier Gongalez close out a strong debut package with the party start pumps of ‘Follow It Now’ and leaving you feeling Chronovision is certainly a label to watch in 2013.