Jammy’s Jaunts 29.09 – 30.09 – Spilt Milk Closing, Lost Souls and Motek

Jaunt (jônt, jänt) n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his eye view of the events he was partying at in the last week… This time he spent his jaunts at Spilt Milk, Lost Souls and Motek.

Hey and welcome back to Jammy’s Jaunts! This is the weekly round-up of my weekend’s proceedings.  This weekend was a bump action packed one visiting 3 different parties at 3 different events! Lots packed in, so let’s waste no time! The first jaunt way on Saturday daytime was the infamous Spilt Milk party, with this time headlining the closing party was head of Rekids record label: Radioslave. A DJ that I have wanted to hear for a very long time and what a performance it really was! Supporting before him was the very talented Tred Benedict and Marc Ashken laying it down for the Spilt Milk massive. Great vibes as always from Tred and Marc Ashken and by the time it was 7:30pm, the Dairy was packed all ready for Radioslave’s performance. It was really thoroughly enjoyable and made for a great closing party feel. The whole vibe of the day was really special and again the weather held out! Spilt Milk has been so lucky this season with the sunshine and long may it continue in 2013, where it will come back stronger and better and further cement itself as the best summer daytime party in London!





The music was just as you would have expected, if you have ever heard Radioslave play and it really suited the mood of the Spilt Milk crowd and they were all up for it! As the sun set and the Dairy descended into darkness the groove became more and more edgier and the beats continued to roll! Consistently good and you will know that, every time Spilt Milk is on. I only missed 1 out of the 9 and throughout the eight other ones; each one was pretty special in its own way. A real treat for anyone to be there and it was evident from this, how respected Radioslave is and how in my opinion, what a really good, technical DJ he is as well as a nice guy. The best one that I went to for all round DJ skills and feel was definitely the Jubilee one with Mr C and Dinky. What a way to end off Spilt Milk in style with Radioslave! Many thanks to Iam Camera (Tracy) for her superb Spilt Milk photos. It was definitely an honour to use them in the Jaunts this time around.

Next stop along the Jaunt way was the Lost Souls showcase over at Egg. This time around headlining was head of Falkplatz and Panorama legend: Oliver Deutschmann. The monthly residency at Egg seems to be working really well and you will always guarantee good music will be played there. Setting off proceedings was Lost Soul: Antony Difrancesco with his own blend of rolling tech house on a pretty decent soundsystem. The crowd always takes a while to warm up in Egg and Antony did a pretty good job getting the crowd going and this set things up perfectly for Nick and Jack to take things over. Playing for Lost Souls for the first time, Nick and Jack brought their own infused beats and groove to the mix and playing peak time; they really went for it and showed the typical Rejam groove that has made them a well known name in the London club scene. Plenty of old and new tracks were played, many catching my eye! In my opinion a good music shift put in! The music really complimented Deutschmann and he started off well from where Rejam left off. His original Berlinesque selection and groove worked really well; he even threw in a few Techno tracks in there which is always good to see! So a pretty decent Lost Souls and hopefully the nights over there at Egg continue to get better and better!

I stayed for a bit and zipped down to 1001 for Slam playing at Motek. Another up and coming night in London and arguably their biggest name to play for them. Run by Ben Coda and Matt Hardinge, they have also had Max Cooper, Ahmet Sisman and also Mark Henning playing for them. So Slam came on around 330am and 1001 was very busy. As you can imagine Techno was being churned out and it’s always good to see them play, especially outside of Fabric. The party had been going on from 6pm so Motek was still going on strong. Lots of their own tracks were played and I recognised quite a few! It got quite hot in there and 1001 really needs a decent air conditioning system.

After Slam, playing next was good friend Yiannis Balkizas and he continued from where Slam left off and continued to smash it on the Funktion 1 soundsystem! Really great tracks were played and the up for it 1001 massive love every second of it! Another great party by the Motek crew after their successful Roof top party that they had back in the summer (this was reviewed in a previous Jaunts). Loads of fun was had and it was great seeing all the Spilt Milk, Lost Souls/Rejam and Motek crew! Another great weekend with great friends and great music! Same time next weekend?! 🙂