Piemont release ‘Viewstar’

The German duo release their next release ‘Viewstar’ 6th September Vinyl and 13th September on digital.


The German duo Frederic Möring-Sack and Christian Jonquieres have been releasing music under their very own labels since 2007. Their musical knowledge and background have span many a genre including edits within the Hip-hop and composing cultures. Abstract loops and dulcet snippets are very much a vocal point in their productions in recent years, much of their music being a centre piece in many a artists sets for months on end.

Their latest edition to the plethora of mixes comes the aptly titled ‘Viewstar’. From the get-go there is an uplift in bass and a certain Cadenza style roll hits your ear drums. Harmonies with an eery taste are subtly placed to marry with the crunchy bass. Through the course of the track there is an effect only someone harrowing down a zip-line would create jotted into the piece.

The edit itself would be an ideal warm up track perfect to get those disco arms ready for the main hitter, or even placed somewhere in the middle of a main event showdown. The tech-house roller has multi-tasking elements within it, providing many avenues for the artists to go down. It even comes with a somewhat darker portrayal on video – held in a disused warehouse. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6yCR0mXUj0) Remixes come from the likes of DJ Madskillz and Sian.