Jammy’s Jaunts: 10.08 – 12.08 – Spilt Milk, Hypercolour showcase, Jaded, Byrds, Above Zero & Cartulis Day

Jaunt (jônt, jänt) n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his eye view of the events he was shuffling at in the last week… This time he spent his jaunts at Spilt Milk, Hypercolour showcaseJaded Byrds at Cargo and Above Zero meets Cartulis Day!

Hey and welcome to Jammy’s Jaunts! A weekly round-up of my weekend’s proceedings. This weekend consisted of the next instalment of summer daytime party: Spilt Milk, a quick pop into the Hypercolour showcase, Jaded afterhours, Byrds at Cargo and Above Zero meets Cartulis Day at Light Bar. So to start off the weekend, I started my Jaunts on Saturday daytime at Spilt Milk. The weather was absolutely amazing and the sun was out all day to play, and this made for an amazing vibe with an excellent crowd. As always the faithful fans turned out in force with no marquee needed this time! Playing this time for Spilt Milk was the Louche Crew consisting of Josh T, Brinsley Kazak and Bruno Schmidt with Sammy Dee headlining alongside resident Tred Benedict. To make the most of the sun and the Spilt Milk vibes, I got down there quite early and Kazak was already warming up the crowd really well with deep tech house rolling out through the powerful Funktion 1 sound system. The Dairy was already quite busy by then with the Spilt Milk crowd and as it got to around 5pm; the place had nearly reached capacity. The music was really groovy and so pleasing on the ears, brilliant Spilt Milk music and so fitting for the time and mood. After, Bruno Schmidt and Josh T went B2B and they carried on where Kazak had left off and that groove continued. By then more and more people continued to enter Spilt Milk. The mood, weather and vibe made for great music by the Louche crew and a brilliant booking for Spilt Milk. Definitely worth a check if you are ever up in Leeds. Their next night features Ricardo Villalobos and Zip.

Sammy Dee (co-founder of Perlon alongside Zip) was next on the decks by then the crowd had reached its peak and the milk crates had been lit up! The dazzling colours make such a difference especially as night falls. Check my videos on the Spilt Milk fan page for a greater look. It was a really good tech house set and was really impressed with the tracks that were played. The last time I saw him was as ‘Half Hawaii’ alongside Bruno Pronsato at the Toi Toi birthday a few months ago, which I did review in a previous Jaunt. He really got the crowd going and everyone was up for it. By then all the people who had attended all loved the groove that was created. Classic tunes were dropped and he knew exactly what to play to the Spilt Milk crowd. Closing the party was Spilt Milk founder Tred Benedict who suitably smashed his closing set in the darkness of The Dairy! A great way to finish off the day. He really went for it and nearly beat his Jubilee performance (if you were there for that Spilt Milk) but not quite! I still rate the Jubilee set as his greatest.

Next stop was a quick pop in to check out the Hypercolour showcase at Great Suffolk Street. This is where the Drumcode Halloween Warehouse party will be in October. I got there quite late on and it was still quite busy. There were only 2 arches and the main arch was full when I got there. Shenoda was playing in the second arch. However I wasn’t there long enough to give a good and fair description of what the night was actually like so going to leave it there for this event. Jaded was just around the corner and that was the next stop in my jaunt! This week at Jaded, taking over the balcony room was Alex Kleve playing an astonishing 7 hour set, what a complete marathon all on his own there! Very impressive marathon man! First time catching him playing and he really done the business, proper Jaded vibes going down there, a great job overall. Controlling the main room, was the main man himself resident Raymundo Rodriguez playing all morning in the main room and really giving the Jaded faithful what they wanted, suitably smashed Cable’s sound system to pieces. Just the way it should be!

Usually this marks the end of my weekend, but this weekend I powered through and made the journey up to Shoreditch and chilled at Cargo for a bit. Throughout all of Sunday was the ‘Byrds’ showcase headed up by Samantha Blackburn and Chloe FontaineByrdz is a night dedicated to dark, deep and sultry rolling beats and basslines, with strictly female DJs (Chloe Kitts from Under the Disco Ball). Today was the birthday celebration of Samantha. Fellow DJ’s such as Natalie Coleman (founder of Mooch recordings) also played there as well as surprise guest Mr Shiver! By the time it was mid afternoon, my time there had come to an end and there was enough time to complete my weekend by heading to Light Bar where Above Zero met Cartulis Day for their Sunday daytime Olympic BBQ. Great venue in my opinion right in the heart of Shoreditch with a great outside area for sitting/smoking/eating/drinking. The party started from 12pm-11pm and playing were: Thanksmate, Elek-fun, Disandant, Roberto Amo, Unai Trotti and headlining was Luke Solomun and Alex Celler. By the time I got there Unai Trotti (head of Cartulis) was playing and he began to warm up the crowd inside. Many people were also chilling and eating and enjoying the sunshine outside. Really nice house groove was played and he generated a very unique vibe. The Cartulis crowd has always been quite cool and the vibe reflected this! Very Mediterranean! Luke Solomun was on the decks next and by the time he came on the dancefloor was packed! Real driving groovy tech house was played and everyone seemed to love it! I last caught him in Fabric when Cartulis Day took over room 3 a few months ago and he smashed it then! Again a really impressive performance. The last act I saw was Alex Celler, a new DJ who I have not seen play before and I was really surprised! Again driving tech house and eventually he started to bang out techno at the end, even dropping a couple of Surgeon tracks! So you could imagine how pleased and happy I was there! I was quite taken aback and this was a very pleasant surprise! By then, mostly everyone was inside having an amazing time on a great Sunday evening! But it was my time to bow out after a very long and successful weekend! Felt exhausted but was well worth it! Same time, next weekend?!