Maya Jane Coles & Shenoda (Huxley Rmxs) ‘1Trax Three- Huxley Sampler’

Maya Jane Coles & Shenoda / 1Trax- Three Mixed by Huxley (Sampler)


1Trax / Released August 2012


What does it sound like? 

Rising UK star Huxley remixes two tracks from fellow youthful trendsetters Maya Jane Coles and Shenoda, as included on Huxley’s addition to the 1Trax mix series (number Three). With names like that on the sleeve it should be clear this will shift a few units, and that the sounds contained in the release are groove-fuelled house numbers.

Comprising two admirably different, though nonetheless coherent cuts, Ms Coles’ Dazed is a notably traditional affair considering the slightly left of the middle producer, and oft-garage influenced remixer in question, yet still does it’s job nicely with filtered guitar hooks and sharp, crisp hi hats- all very summery indeed. Flip it to find Mr. H’s interpretation of Shenoda’s Moments, offering darker, or at least less upbeat notes, moving from eerie wind noises into bumbling bass and 3AM tech accents.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Both serve a different purpose well, but Moments has greater depth and timbre, and by positioning itself somewhere between down tempo and heads down can offer a few uses.

Where can I buy it? 

Chemical Records.