Huxley & Sam Russo ‘Jamma’s Basement’

Huxley & Sam Russo / Jamma’s Basement


Leftroom / Released May 2012


What does it sound like?

With two names that both spell hot house music property right now joining forces on the currently consistent Leftroom imprint there’s probably not much need to go into many details. Jamma’s Basement steps out with hollow hi-hats and a reversed synth refrain on top of a flat four kick, cue dubby b-line and echoed female vocal flourishes before things get rather heads down, dropping the ladies in favour of male lyrical stabs, forming the all-important hook. Flip it to find the more upbeat William’s Trainers, on which the beats are rawer, and an organ melody plays the focal point, albeit with irregularity. In short, deep house with well-punctuated track titles and techy edges perfect for dark rooms.

What highlights can I expect to hear?

More mysterious and arguably more useful, Jamma’s is our pick of the day, or rather release.

Where can I buy it? 

Good record stores.