Various Artists ‘Heidi presents The Jackathon’

Various Artists / Heidi presents The Jackathon


Get Physical Music / Released July 2011


What does it sound like? 

Funk for your soul to make your jelly roll… one more time, droppin’ the dime“. It’s safe to say many DJs would kill to have Derrick Carter provide a personalised intro for their mix CD. It probably wouldn’t happen with many people though, but then Heidi’s not like a lot of others- a mildly oxymoronic record purveyor that manages to straddle Radio 1 and the real underground of proper Windy City inspired four fours.

So in the words of track two, from the ever-pleasing Soul Clap, incoming bitch, because this is house music and little else.  Though that’s not a real problem when it comes in the form of 16 dirty, upbeat, slightly soulful and definitely party starting cuts. Tempos change, tunes are differentiable and we’re reminded of why this genre used to be the unifying force in club sounds before people decided it was better for a track to not really do anything.

Where would I dance to it? 

At home, in the car, on the bus like a Churchill dog… so long as the headphones are good or your amp’s up to the task it’s going to do the job.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

The previously referenced Incoming Bitch from Soul Clap opens the scoring with faux aggression and a whole lot of build. From there Anja Schneider & And.ID’s Imagination is one to check if you’re after a little more bite and tech, all grooving bass and spiralling synth melody.

Deetron’s typically grabbing workout, Love In Tatters, will also demand plenty of attention thanks to the stripped kick, raw cymbals, and warehousey waves of harmony- toughening things up without breaking formation for a second. Elsewhere Juan Maclean’s Love In Tatters is a mashup of vocal loops and heavy drums, while We Not In from Camea is a dirty little heads down shuffler complete with air raid siren crescendos to marry less is more with an intensity (albeit here dubbed) more in tune with harder edged sounds.

Why should I pay for it?

It’s only fair really.

Where can I buy it?