CocoDaSilva ‘Don’t Say Nothing (Say Something)’

CocoDaSilva / Say Nothing (Say Something)

Vinyl / Digital

Kismet / Released June 2011


What does it sound like?

Plodding grooves and opiate vocals dominate Don’t Say Nothing, a cut that comes from Rui Da Silva and Chris Coco while sounding right at home in the contemporary soundscapes set out by the whispered house frat pack. It rolls along nicely as chimes punctuate the background, making for a deep and trance-inducing four minutes or so.

A2 reads Say Something, an ironic title as this is really a dub of the aforementioned, albeit with a heavier low end and more focus on the key section that, on first contact, is barely audible in the original. Finally, flip it and find an altogether darker offering on the B Side that’s no less Balearic in its melodies, but boasts a grittier edge. Again we open with ethereal trebles before metronomic percussion and filtered synths pad out a stepping but building rhythm, which is nice.

Where would I dance to it?

Given who’s responsible, and what the three tunes sound like, crossover appeal is guaranteed. That said, you will need to stay in the realms of house music to have a good chance of listening to this on a professional system.

What highlights can I expect to hear?

It has to be the third number, Make It, simply because it’s a far clubbier offering. Wholly more repetitive, and stripped as oppose to introverted, once you hear the pitter patter atmospherics that fall in line with the beat fans of nostalgia may start thinking Dope Smugglaz.

Why should I pay for it?

For the time being the music industry’s framework means downloads are murder, and the victim is a future with quality productions. Discuss.

Where can I buy it?