Dave Vega feat Seth Troxler ‘The Woes of Me’

Dave Vega feat Seth Troxler / ‘The Woes of Me’

Digital / Vinyl

Exercise One / Released Match 10th 2011

Is there anyone who’s not eager to work with Seth Troxler? One of the most prominent names from the new school of Detroit, his trademark whispered vocals nod towards Matthew Dear, while offering more intoxication and suggestion. It’s an intelligent sound that can be picked up by jocks concentrating on more than a few different styles, and has been.

Here Dave Vega, resident of the revered Robert Johnson club in Offenbach (close to Frankfurt), makes his first appearance on Exercise One, and invites the Michigan man aboard for the ride. A low-slung, metronomic groove is the resulting title track, all lunging bassline, vibrating fret melodies and innocent droplets of chord and key. Unquestionably then, there’s more than a vocal contribution going on from the guest who goes on about fairies, dreams and life theories.

A point proven further with Suspended In Dust, a tune that doesn’t pick up where the last left off so much as start over again. Bumbling baritone appears, with echoed, tribalistic percussion. Next up we’re offered a few punchy snares, and it’s all about the rolling rhythm, as things adopt a no sleep ’til Monday vibe. All that remains from here is an Exercise One remix of the A that takes its source material into trancier, more epic soundscapes, probably not as useful, but nice all the same, polishing off a neat little package.