BBC Sound of 2011 winners revealed

Towards the twilight end of last year we ran through the artists shortlisted by Auntie for the controversial ‘award’. Compiled by no less than 160 critics, broadcasters and bloggers, what it lacks in broad musical representation it makes up for in the diversity of its judges.

As those who remember said news piece should rightly remember, we hedged our bets on James Blake pipping his peers to the post. And we were right, sort of. Because from the producers and musicians that can be pigeon-holed as being ‘electronic’, he came out on top, ranking second overall. But then the youngster was beaten to the top spot by Jessie J; she’s the girl with the tune that goes “I can do it like a mandem“.

We also predicted that Jamie Woon would place in the final list too, so it’s nice to see his name appearing fourth on the final BBC draft. He’s the guy who’s a little like Jamie Lidell, has the whole alt-R&B thing down to a T, and already received a tasty ‘refix’ at the hands of Ramadanman in 2010. For both artists we’d say watch this space for more news- we can almost guarantee there will be plenty to follow in the next 12 months.