Back in the bath with Crazy Penis

In some ways it feels like just yesterday when Manchester’s most hilariously titled electronica outfit released their debut album. But it wasn’t, in fact the event actually occurred nearly 12 years ago.

We’re not sure about you, but A Nice Hot Bath With is still a regular on our playlists, and can frequently be found occupying our CD players. So when the legendary Paper Recordings announced that a remix album is set to hit shelves come March 2011, we smiled with a glint of Crazy P style lunacy. It’s been a long time coming, so will it be worth the ‘wait’.

Well, with the likes of disco don Greg Wilson’s 35-year-old production hand on board, it certainly should be. On top of that you’ll also find Brennan Green, Yam Who?, Ray Mang, Flash Atkins, Rune Lindbaek, PBR Streetgang and Faze Action on rework duty, with Crazy Penis also getting in on the act, delivering a new version of Do It Good, subtitled We Found The Parts. Folklore claims that the combination of an Atari, time and fate resulted in the loss of all the original recordings that made up the revered 1999 album. If so this project must have taken some time, and patience. Let’s hope it meets our high expectations.